What are Blackline vinyl fence products made of?

The major ingredient is a rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) homopolymer compound with 100% virgin vinyl. Blackline products are single-extruded, and feature impact modifiers with the highest level of UV stabilizers to protect against fading. They’re made with advanced techniques borrowed from German engineering, Korean manufacturing, and the automotive industry.

Are Blackline products maintenance-free?

Under normal conditions, washing the fences periodically keeps them looking new. In addition, the vinyl formulation won’t peel or corrode like ornamental iron, and never requires painting, sealing or staining.

What’s the warranty on Blackline products?

All of Blackline’s vinyl fence products feature a maintenance-free lifetime guarantee.

Can Blackline fences break?

Under normal use, Blackline vinyl fences will not break when installed properly, and are stronger than most other vinyl fence products. Any vinyl fence can break as a result of direct impact, however, pickets and rails are easily replaced if damaged.

Will Blackline fences become brittle in winter?

Most PVC products lose some of their flexibility in cold temperatures, but Blackline’s products won’t break or crack unless subjected to unusual impact. They also will not warp or splinter, and are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings.

Will Blackline fences fade or discolor?

Our fences are field-proven to maintain their deep color since they're manufactured with extensive UV stabilizers for ultimate protection. The lifetime guarantee ensures they'll look virtually brand-new year after year.

How do Blackline fences compare to ornamental iron fences?

Blackline fences were designed to provide the rich look of ornamental iron with the superior engineering and maintenance-free benefits of vinyl.

Why are Blackline vinyl fences superior to steel or aluminum products?

Blackline's fences are safe, since they're constructed without sharp edges. They're virtually maintenance-free, and won't rust or corrode, or require painting. And the unique designs provide an ornamental look for a lifetime.

Are Blackline fences safe to use around a pool?

Yes, they're designed to meet pool safety regulations.